Welcome to Sierra Health Alerts, Inc


Sierra Health Alerts, Inc is a communication platform to interact with patients about their health compliance requirements.

This system is intended to improve health care outcomes, reduce the overall cost and add value to its stakeholder’s doctors, hospitals, health plans, insurance companies, government agencies, business entities and ultimately the patients.

The medical cost of the noncompliance patients, which includes prevention, adherence to medications and hospice care, amounts to tens of billions of dollars for US taxpayers every year.

Sierra Health Alert Systems have developed a platform to discuss the non compliance among patients of different age groups by providing a tool for them to address their healthcare needs.


Our business model is built around the integration of doctors, hospitals, health care plans and business communities. Patient engagement and improvement of population health are additional benefits associated with this program.

Our HIPAA compliant mobile app reaches the patient directly and sends notifications regarding about the life-saving measures in selected cases along with incentives.