About Us

About Us



We are a team of professionals who have several years of experience in the area of healthcare delivery system as primary care doctors, specialists, technologists, and business executives. As a passionate group of people, we want to make a difference in the areas of patient engagement as well as population health awareness by utilizing the integration of technology.

Our business model is built around integrating patients, doctors, hospitals, health care plans, and business communities. Our HIPAA compliant mobile app sends notifications to patients about measures they can take to better manage their health and in selected cases provide incentives for being proactive. This enhances the value to every stakeholder involved from patients to the business entities associated with the health care industry.

In addition to improving the total health care costs and outcomes, our system facilitates product promotion for the business entities and maximizes values to hospitals, patients, and health plans.

The tagline is “Your Health Is At Your Fingertips.”